Re: grounding wordnet in the web

Hi Dan,

> But many of the URIs in the wn-conversion document don't work. I get 
> 404 @

The URIs don't work yet because we do not have a place yet to host WN 
RDF/OWL. The idea is that Princeton implements server rewrite rules so 
that HTTP GETs are redirected to a server with the actual data run by 
an institute from our community to take that burden off of Princeton. 
Also because the correct statements to be returned (our proposal is 
the Concise Bounded Description) should be computed. Additionally, it 
allows us to introduce a "latest version URL":

that always redirects to the newest version (at another server), much 
like the latest version URLs of W3C documents.

Before we seek assistance to actually implement this we would like 
some feedback on this approach. What is your opinion on this?

> and I'm quite surprised to see:
>   The first step in using this conversion is selecting the
>   appropriate version to download.
> Download? Can't I just use it there in the web?

As for the download statement: in that introductory "primer" part of 
the document we would like to describe as straightforward and simple 
as possible how one could start to work with WordNet RDF/OWL (the 
minimum amount of text for people already familiar with WN and 
RDF/OWL). To keep it simple we only tell the story there for offline 
use.  We could add something along the lines of "one can also query 
WordNet online..." and provide a reference to the more elaborate 
online/offline section [1]. Would that be satisfactory?



  Mark F.J. van Assem - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam -

Received on Wednesday, 22 February 2006 14:21:31 UTC