[MM] Comments on Image Annotation Note

These comments are from a Boeing colleague who is a digital asset
management application architect (further details of this job
description are found at the end of this message). I gave him the link
to the MM task force site, and recommended that he look at the Image
Annotation note. Below are his comments:


I took a quick scan through both links and
came up with the following thoughts:

1) Definitely interesting to Boeing so worth

2) There seems no intent to allow multiple
vocabularies to be associated to a single
image. At least, I couldn't find that. And
really, it would be best if there was a way
to cross-reference between vocabularies
so if someone used a term in one not employed
during indexing, a search engine could widen
the search to known synonyms in other
supported vocabularies to find a match then
serve up the image as a result along with
its matched term.

3) I couldn't see an obvious way to extend
vocabularies for highly vertical domains or 
subdomains of supported vocabularies. I realize
that is a pretty basic XML feature but it needs
to get into the use cases somehow so it
doesn't get lost in the newness of indexing

4) There needs to be a way to allow external
and internal mapping between metatags. Few
file formats will bend to support XML internally
but they might change their internal tagging
to conform with an external format standard.

If that was coupled with the ability to reference
an external repository of metadata then we
would be able to fully annotate without having
to embed everything in the image file.

5) How do we remove tags in order to preserve
the proprietary knowledge associated with them?
It would be a good thing if there was a hierarchy
of standard metatags for security confidential
information instead of forcing each application
to come up with their own unique ones every time.

6) Any interest in non-textual semantics and
related tags? It should be possible to encode
color easily enough as well as hue and other
technical attributes of visual imagery except
maybe shape. Seems like we need a Unicode
extension for this kind of information that could
be used to describe images.

That's it for off the top of my head. 

Digital Asset Management Application Architect

JOB DESCRIPTION: Analyzes the customer business environments,
processes, and data entities that support business requirements to
create computing architectures and engineer computing solutions for
the integration of Digital Asset Management strategies. Applies systems
and software engineering methods, processes, tools, and techniques to
customer and information technology architecture requirements and design
a system and application architecture that integrates application
database, and delivery subsystems for specific applications.
Participates in
the development and execution of program and project plans. Works with
organizations responsible for defining and operating business processes
and computing systems architects to produce system design models that
enable application development. Communicates with process owners,
computing systems architects, systems analysts, programmers, and
system and database administrators


Received on Thursday, 9 February 2006 22:30:40 UTC