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Anyone has know anything about this workshop?


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Subject: CFP - Fourth Special Workshop on Multimedia Semantics

> THIRD SPECIAL WORKSHOP ONFourth Special Workshop on Multimedia Semantics
> Chania, Crete, Greece, June 19-21, 2006
>            The WMS06 is the fourth workshop in a series of workshops in
> multimedia semantics that started in 2002.  You are invited to be part of
> the fourth workshop and to formulate the future research directions in
> multimedia semantics. You are invited to send a paper and/or a
> thought-provoking one-page position statement, which should provide a clear
> statement concerning where the deficits are in current multimedia semantics
> research, where multimedia semantics research should go, and some multimedia
> semantics research visions. These position papers will be used to stimulate
> discussions throughout the entire workshop.
>            Based on everyone's positions statements on the first day of the
> workshop, we will form working groups, each of which will discuss a
> particular cluster of topics in more detail. Each group will then bring
> their results back to everyone, where we can discuss them all and formulate
> some research directions for multimedia semantics in the next few years. All
> of the statements and reports, including a general workshop will be printed
> after the workshop.
>            The workshop will be hosted in Chania, Greece. This is the
> westernmost of the four prefectures of Crete. In the beautiful town of
> Chania, modern, Venetian, Turkish and traditional architecture are blended
> together in a perfect harmony, creating unique and attractive pictures.
> Various archaeological sites, villages, churches, caves, gorges, and
> wonderful beaches embellish the attractive and charming prefecture of
> Chania.
>            The workshop is organized by Technical University of Crete in
> Greece, Kettering University in USA, and the Institute of Mathematics and
> Informatics, Bulgaria.
>            The first workshop was held in Varna, Bulgaria, 2002. The second
> workshop was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2003. These workshops were in
> conjunction with the 29th in a series of conferences, "Information and
> Communication Technologies and Programming" (ICT&P)
> (http://www.math.bas.bg/infres/ictp/), held annually since 1976. The third
> was held in Pisa, Italy
> (http://www.kettering.edu/~pstanche/wms06homepage/wms06.html).
> Niv Ahituv, Tel Aviv University, Israel
> Hesham Ali, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA
> Frederic Andres, National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan
> George Blanas, TEI of Larissa, Greece
> Tiziana Catarci, University of Rome 'La Sapienza', Italy
> Stavros Christodoulakis, Technical University of Crete, Greece
> Vassil Dimitrov, University of Calgary, Canada
> Chabane Djeraba,  Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille,  France
> Farshad Fotouhi, Wayne State University, USA
> Forouzan Golshani, Wright State University, USA
> William Grosky, University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA
> Hiroshi Ishikawa, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
> Nik Kasabov, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
> Robert Laurini, INSA-Lyon, France
> Noureddine Mouaddib, Ecole polytechnique de l'université de Nantes, France
> Youngchoon Park, Johnson Control, USA
> Pichappan Pit., Annamalai University, India
> Fausto Rabitti, Information Science and Technology Institute, CNR, Italy
> Peter Stanchev, Kettering University, USA
> Chrisa Tsinaraki,Technical University of Crete, Greece
> Remco Veltkamp, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
> Juan Villanueva, Computer vision center, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona,
> Spain
> Rong Zhao, SUNY Stony Brook, USA
>            Multimedia information retrieval is at a crossroads. It is
> becoming increasingly clear that multimedia information does not have a
> unique semantics, but exhibits multiple semantics which depend on context
> and use. Deriving these semantics and using them to answer user queries
> presents some very difficult problems for researchers. This workshop will
> concentrate on techniques for doing this task.
>            The main topics include, but are not limited to:
> Conceptual clustering
> Computational semiotics
> Dimensional reduction
> Emergent semantics
> Intelligent browsing and visualization
> Multimedia semantic web
> Semi-automatic and automatic methods for multimedia annotation
> Spectral methods
> Multimedia ontologies
> Cultural contents
> Education
> 3D&2D annotation
> Human sequence evaluation
> Content-based image/video retrieval, indexing and annotation
> Perception and cognition.
> Image Web mining
> Digital libraries
> User interfaces
> Modeling and recognition of visual objects and actions
> Multisensory data integration and fusion for decision making
> Semantic web in Bioinformatics and gene ontology
>            Please submit papers, not exceeding 8 pages and/or position
> statements to wgrosky@umich.edu by April 5, 2006 using the templates at
> http://www.dirf.org/jdim/. Authors will be notified by April 25, 2006. For
> accepted papers, camera-ready versions must be submitted electronically,
> with copyright permission forms, by May 5, 2006. As a condition for final
> acceptance, at least one of the authors is required to register for the
> workshop and to present the work described in the workshop sessions. The
> accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceeding and in the
> Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM) (http://www.dirf.org/jdim/)
> or in the International Journal "Information Theories and Application"
> (www.foibg.com).
> April  5, 2006 Full paper submission
> April 5, 2006 One -page position statement
> April 25, 2006 Notification to the authors
> May 5, 2006 Camera-ready papers due
> June 19-21, 2006 Workshop
>            The conference fee is 350 euros or 425 USD.
>            The workshop will take place outside Chania in Hotel Porto
> Veneziano. Special room rates for the period 18 - 22 June: 63 euros per day
> (single room) - breakfast included, 88 euros per day (double room)-
> breakfast included
> June 18, 2006 - Afternoon - Venizelos Graves
> June 20, 2006 - Whole day - Knossos Palace, Heraklion, Rethymn
>            There will be a reservation on a limited number of hotel rooms
> in Athens from June 22-24, 2006.
> http://www.kettering.edu/~pstanche/wms06homepage/wms06.html.
>            For any questions please send e-mail to Peter Stanchev at
> pstanche@kettering.edu

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