RE: [MM] 2n deliverable - EXIF progress

One more thing...
I don't think it is a good idea to put lots of raw RDF in the main text of the document, have it in an appendix.
In the main text, give snippets of RDF scattered through the document to illustrate the main examples/points. In every case, give an English explanation for what it means. The appendix can have the complete picture.
Have a look at some of the OEP deliverables to see what I mean.
Try this link:
Look at approach 1. A figure might even help a lot, to show some of the key properties.


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I've been really busy lately but have made some progress on the EXIF write-up for the 2nd deliverable. Its still in the works, so there is much more to come. I'm having some problems getting my CVS access working, so I have just included the html version here. I have some questions, which I was hoping we could address tomorrow. Anyway, I'll talk to you all tomorrow on the telecon.


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