RE: [MM] 2n deliverable - EXIF progress

This seems to be off to a decent start.
A few thoughts:
I would like to know who this note is for, what the objective of this note is and a short summary outline or abstract of what is going to be in it.
For example you might want to have some of this:
* to explain the benefits of representing and processing EXIF data using semantic web languages 
* to explain the current state of the art and practice regarding use of EXIF data on the semantic web 
* to make it possible for a reader to build a semantic web application using EXIF data
* ???
* people who wish to implement systems using EXIF data on semantic web applications 
* programmers?
* managers? 
* technical people? How technical?
* owners of image libraries?
* etc etc etc
* motivation: why bother converting EXIF to RDF/OWL?  Include here, a list of stakeholders, who cares and what benefits will there be?
* describe the over all desired approach, e.g. you have a RDF or OWL representation of EXIF data, you have translators that go back and forth, you have reasoners that work on the EXIF/RDF data, you show maybe an architecture of a generic semantic web application that will make use of EXIF/RDF.
* Two examples of RDF conversions of EXIF data. Indicate which parts of the above desired scenario are currently being addressed
* Comparative analysis: what are pros/cons of the two approaches? Can they work together? Are the differences important in any way? What remains to be done?
* Summary and conclusions and future work.

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I've been really busy lately but have made some progress on the EXIF write-up for the 2nd deliverable. Its still in the works, so there is much more to come. I'm having some problems getting my CVS access working, so I have just included the html version here. I have some questions, which I was hoping we could address tomorrow. Anyway, I'll talk to you all tomorrow on the telecon.


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