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2010-06-08 TC Agenda

4 MINUS and NOT EXISTS test cases

[admin] Minutes form today's TC...

[ADMIN] minutes from last time

[Admin] Today's TC minutes ...

[admin] today's TC minutes...

[ENT] Another URI issue still unsolved (was: Re: Today's TC minutes

[ENT] Editorial Review comments on the SPARQL 1.1. Entailment regime document

[ENT] reuse of rif namespace for rif:imports.

[ENT] Review comments on the SPARQL 1.1. Entailment regime document

[Entailment] D-entailment (and upwards) issue?

[PP] [ENT] Property paths and entailments

[public-rdf-dawg] <none>

[tests] Re: Dedicated TC on Test Cases 2010-06-30

[TF-LIB] first text for new library built-in functions

[TF-LIB] URIs for functions

[TF-PP] Diagram for telecon

[TF-PP] IRI and base URIs

[TF-PP] Moving forward

[TF-PP] Property paths and entailments

[TF-PP] Worked examples of cardinality for :p{2} and :p+

[TF-PP] Zero-length paths (ACTION-251)

[wbs] response to 'How should SPARQL 1.1 resolve ISSUE-29, the handling of negation?'

A common functions for STRDT(), STRLANG() and URI() functionality.

Action-193: Subquery test case

Action-195: Project expression test case

Action-198 Property Path test case


ACTION-221 - Reformulate Condition 4

Actions 211 and 212: proposed changes to the extensions of basic graph pattern matching

Agenda SPARQL TC 2010-06-29

another aggregates test case...


Apologies for 20/April


At risk for 25th May

at risk for tomorrow's TC

Base URI in updates?

basic federated query TODOs

Blank node and nested queries

brief agenda for the TC tomorrow

Broken links fixed for publication

Call for Exclusions (Update): SPARQL 1.1 Property Paths

Call for Exclusions: SPARQL 1.1 Federation Extensions

Clarification on blank nodes in DELETE templates.

Closing comment RN-1

comment on update

Comment response NH-1,2,3

comments: PA-1

comments: PA-1 (was: IRI creation and encoding)

comments: PA-2

comments: RH-1

Dedicated TC on Test Cases 2010-06-30

Editorial comment/question on the federation query draft...

example font size in local.css


Fwd: IRI creation and encoding

Fwd: Re: possible erratum

Fwd: SPARQL XML namespace confusion

Fwd: Standardise method for selecting extensions for DESCRIBE

Fwd: Update Syntax

HTTP Protocol review

Introduction: Nicholas Humfrey

IRI creation and encoding

issue round-up, part 1

ISSUE-49 (are graphs information resources?)

ISSUE-57: Assignment/LET

last day to answer the SPARQL WG negation survey



Minutes for Tuesday May, 4 2010

minutes from todays HTTP RDF update TC...

minutes TC 2010-06-01 ...

Naming (Re: Service Description document)

Need input before I can address Kjetil's comment - Was: ISSUE-49 (are graphs information resources?)

Negation decision : unexpected effects

Negation section text updated.

Networked RDF Information or Knowledge - Was Re: Need input before I can address Kjetil's comment

New Service Description features

Options for moving forward on negation

Poll for dedicated Test Cases TC

Poll: "SPARQL WG Dedicated Teleconference for HTTP RDF Update Issues"

Poll: "SPARQL WG Dedicated Teleconference for Property Path Issues"

PP paths semantics

property path proposals

Property Paths Cardinality

Public implementations of SPARQL 1.1 draft features?

Question on blank nodes

raw minutes regular TC 2010-06-29 available

raw minutes Test Cases TC 2010-06-30 available

Regrets for 5/11/10

regrets for next week

Reminder/agenda: tomorrow: "SPARQL WG Dedicated Teleconference for HTTP RDF Update Issues"

Reminder: Monday is the last day for the negation poll

Renaming sd:AggregateFunction

Resolving negation (MINUS / NOT EXISTS)

Response to ST-1

Return codes

Review of SPARQL 1.1. Update editors' draft

Review of SPARQL Federation Extensions

Review of SPARQL Query Doc

SD doc review

Service Description document

SERVICE in WHERE for Update

short term regrets for the PP call today...

Soliciting for agenda topics for Tuesday's SPARQL WG teleconference

some more comments on http-rdf-update current version ...

SPARQL 1.1 implementation status?

sparql 1.1 yacker updated

sparql extensions and protocol conformance

SPARQL Grammar updated

SPARQL HTTP Update terminology (was: Re: ISSUE-49 (are graphs information resources?))

SPARQL Query: subqueries

SPARQL TC 2010-04-27

SPARQL TC 2010-05-18 Agenda

SPARQL WG Agenda - April 6, 2010

SPARQL WG Agenda - Tues. June 15, 2010

SPARQL WG Agenda - Tuesday June 1, 2010

SPARQL WG Agenda - Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SPARQL WG Agenda Tuesday May 4, 2010

SPARQL WG Agenda, Tuesday Apr. 13, 2010

SPARQL WG meeting tomorrow, May 11, 2010 - Agenda to follow

SPARQL WG Minutes, April 6, 2010

Standardise method for selecting extensions for DESCRIBE

Syntax issues, UNION and MINUS

TC 2010-04-27 minutes ...

Test cases TC

To all SPARQL editores! issues/schedule for next publication round...

Today's meeting

Today's TC minutes

Update Syntax

Update to RH-1

URI-s for formats

Web survey to resolve ISSUE-29 on negation

Wiki authentication changing

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