Re: Broken links fixed for publication

On 1 Jun 2010, at 20:32, Lee Feigenbaum wrote:

> Editors,
> I fixed some broken links as part of publication today. Unfortunately, I fixed them in the publication copies, and so these fixes need to be made in the source docs. Please make these fixes in the editors' drafts at your convenience.
> Query:
> * Remove link to sec-cvsLog-meat (phantom B.1 in table of contents)
> * Several occurrences of GraphPatternNotTriples are out of date for the current grammar. (I fixed this for now by removing the links, but all of these fragments will need to be updated for real.)
> * Remove internal link to #func-RDFterm-equal-foot1 (not sure where that footnote is)
> * Removed for now the internal links to the algebra of Having and Select Expressions
> Update:
> * Changed <a href="t413"> to <a href="#t413">
> * sparql-federation => sparql11-federated-query

Thanks - Done in CVS


> Federated query:
> * _Lots_ of broken links. I removed them all - please use link checker to help improve this.
> thanks,
> Lee

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