Re: Closing comment RN-1

On 6/29/2010 4:11 PM, Paul Gearon wrote:
> Hi,
> I went to check on RN-1, and Richard did indeed say that it was OK to
> close. However, he suggested that I may want to document a response on
> the mailing list.
> In drafting a response, I noticed that a few things have changed over
> time, and it is possible that Richard may want to readdress some of
> the issues. With this in mind, I've put the response on the wiki.
> Please let me know if this needs to be modified.
> Once approved, or updated and approved, then I'll send it out.

I updated the response to reflect the group's resolution on blank nodes 
in the DELETE template (see other thread).

I made one other small (style) change.

As it now stands, I think it is good to be sent out.


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