Re: SPARQL HTTP Update terminology (was: Re: ISSUE-49 (are graphs information resources?))

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On 4/19/10 5:40 AM, "Andy Seaborne" <> wrote:
>> However, section 5.4 of HTTP Update [1] says,
>>> The HTTP GET method SHOULD be used to retrieve a graph representation of the
>>> networked RDF knowledge identified by the Request-URI.
>>> This is equivalent to the following SPARQL query:
>>> CONSTRUCT { ?s ?p ?o } WHERE { GRAPH<graph_uri>  { ?s ?p ?o } }
> I'm a bit confused here as to the intent in SPARQL HTTP Update: the
> section "Graph Identification" just talks graph identification, with two
> forms, direct and indirect.   It does not talk about graph stores

Taking a look at the informal definition of a Graph Store from the SPARQL
Update editor's draft:

A Graph Store is a repository of RDF graphs managed by a single service.
Like an RDF Dataset <>
 operated on by SPARQL, a Graph Store contains one unnamed graph and zero or
more named graphs. Unlike an RDF dataset, named graphs can be added to or
deleted from a graph store. A Graph Store need not be authoritative for the
graphs it contains.

It looks like this can be re-used verbatim - i.e., the idea of a Graph Store
seems to work as is for both protocols.  There is a reference to a formal
definition later in the document that I cannot find.

> or RDF 
> datasets 

I could probably just substitute the common 'Graph store' term for ever
reference to 'dataset' in the HTTP update specification.

> nor define terminology for the first part of an indirect
> identification:
> http://host/thing?graph=

Beyond re-using the graph store term, what other terminology did you have in
mind?  The indirect identification portion describes what determines the
'request URI' of the operation, but otherwise, the mechanism is the same.
> Elsewhere in the doc itself, there is indirect reference to graph stores
> and RDF datasets through the use of SPARQL Update illustrations as above.

-- Chime

> Andy


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