issue round-up, part 1

(Part 1 goes through ISSUE-16. More to follow as I find time.)

I wanted to review our open issues and propose to close many of them. 
Please take a look at these and let us know if you disagree with any of 
the resolutions. Perhaps we'll try to make group decisions on these one 
week from Tuesday.

PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-5, ISSUE-6, ISSUE-7, and ISSUE-13 with no change, 
noting that SPARQL 1.1 will only allow SELECT subqueries within the 
query pattern.

PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-8 with the consensus that subqueries share the 
same RDF dataset as their parent query, and that FROM and FROM NAMED 
clauses are not permitted in subqueries.

PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-14 with the consensus that SPARQL 1.1 defines the 
following aggregates: COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX, AVG, GROUP_CONCAT, and SAMPLE.


~~Not Ready To Close Yet~~

ISSUE-1 -- will resolve once we settle on how to publish federated query 
down the road

ISSUE-15 -- I think we have consensus here around custom aggregate 
snamed with URIs, with no keywords, allowing the DISTINCT modifier, and 
allowing the parameterized syntax introduced for GROUP_CONCAT, but I'm 
not positve and don't see this spelled out yet in the editor's draft, so 
didn't want to propose to resolve the issue yet.

ISSUE-16 -- aggregates & mixed data types -- don't remember what the 
latest here is

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