Re: [ENT] Editorial Review comments on the SPARQL 1.1. Entailment regime document

On 13 May 2010 03:11, Ivan Herman <> wrote:
> Wow, that was quick!

It costed me half my sleep ;-) but I'll be offline from today evening
(Canadian time) until Sunday late night and I wanted to get the
comments in soon.


>>> I would also add, after the reference to condition 2, a paranthesis saying "(because the blank node _:c3 is shared by the scoping graph and the solution)"
>> I extended the explanation because it is not just the fact the _:c3 is
>> shared by SG and the solutions. The problem is rather the sharing of
>> bnodes in different solutions which introduced an unintended
>> co-reference since the bnode occurs in two solutions but in the
>> queried graph the solutions do not involve the same bnode. This is
>> what condition 3 in the query spec wants to exclude. I hope the
>> paragraph is clearer now.
> It is, except that you have two sentences starting with "Since BGP does not contain blank nodes,...". I guess the first of the two should be taken out.

I rephrased that now. I'll work on some of the non-editorial comments
before I do the next CVS commit, but latest this evening (canadian
time) this change should be online.

Thanks again for your very helpful comments,

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