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On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 6:57 AM, Andy Seaborne <> wrote:
> Great - thanks (again, we ought to do this on-list).
> May I copy replies with your original message to the list?

Yes, sorry.

> Questions to make sure I understand:
> 1/ DELETE WHERE is not pulled out as a separate operation but doens't it
> have specific syntax issues:

Well I previously thought it had a restriction on labelled blank
nodes, but apparently that's not the case, right?

> 1a/ WITH is an overlap with GRAPH, DELETE WHERE is more like DELETE DATA.

WITH overlaps with GRAPH, yes. But it's also providing a graph to the
WHERE clause (for those statements that have one). And yes, a WHERE
clause can have a GRAPH inside the GroupGraphPattern.

DELETE WHERE does look a lot like DELETE DATA, but of course the
former allows the use of variables while latter does not. So
syntactically they appear related, but semantically I believe that
DELETE WHERE is much more like DELETE { template } WHERE { pattern }.

> 1b/ The WHERE part is a template isn't it?

Ah, you're right. Thanks.

> 2/ What happened to CLEAR DEFAULT etc?

I thought that "CLEAR" without anything else meant the same thing?

> 3/ It's GRAPH in CLEAR/DROP/CREATE but not LOAD?

It looked like that when I got here!  :-)  I agree that adding GRAPH
would be more consistent. OTOH, I don't know why GRAPH is needed in
the first place. You'll notice that I've accidentally left it out of
the examples for CREATE and DROP.

> 4/ (from 3) Is reuse of the word GRAPH agree?  I've lost track.

Sorry, I don't follow you. Are you referring to the use of the word
GRAPH at all? Don't worry about losing track. You've kept up with
these things far better than I have.


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