Re: SPARQL 1.1 implementation status?

On Jun 27, 2010, at 9:49 AM, Axel Polleres wrote:

> could those implementing SPARQL1.1 features give me a rough idea what's the status of their implementation and whether some version was already available for playing around with (link?)?

I've listed the current status of my perl-based RDF::Query here:

Obviously it's easy to claim 100% when we don't have a proper test suite, but with a few exceptions I believe I've implemented all of the current features of Query (including property paths and basic federated query), Update, and Service Descriptions. Releases of RDF::Query are available from CPAN:

but the up-to-date code tracking the WG is in github:

Finally, I've made a public endpoint with the current code with some sample data:

It's rather slow on many queries, and I can't guarantee it'll stay up, but it's nice to be able to experiment with.


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