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On 2010-05-21, at 09:45, Andy Seaborne wrote:

> > Can you suggest something?
> What we decide really does need explaining the counter intuitive nature in the doc.
> I'd like to find a way to make the graph URI the base even if that means contorting things a little - after all, this 3rd party service/graph naming we are using isn't the primary design space of REST anyway.
> I'd argue that the use of the graph=<abs URI> creates a new URI used to retrieve the entity.
> When we have http://example/x then adding /y changes the URI used to retrieve the entity (5.1.3) entity from http://example/x to http://example/x/y.
> So adding ?graph=GraphURI changes the URI used to retrieve the entity (5.1.3) to GraphURI
> Admittedly weak, but then we are on the boundary of RESTful addressing anyway.

Sorry, I'd not been following this conversation, but I strongly agree with Andy. If you use a SPARQL store as a cache of external RDF graphs (which is a common usecase for us), then you really want this behaviour, otherwise the local URIs in the document are not interpreted as the author of the document intended.

  curl -T swh.xrdf http://store.local/data/?graph=
  LOAD <file:swh.xrdf> INTO <>

[ swh.xrdf refers to </swh.pubkey.asc>, it's signature, and uses the subject URI <#me>, as do many FOAF files ]

In both cases I'd argue that you'd expect the base URI to be, and the behaviour should the same in my opinion.

- Steve

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