Review of SPARQL Federation Extensions

Here are some initial comments on the current draft:

Section 2 has a typo when describing the binding constraints generated by a
SERVICE clause. It states that results should not include ?id => 2986, but
it should be ?id <= 9568 by the binding result.

The "term(t)" line in the first box in section 4.2 is long and easily runs
out of the box if the browser isn't set to nearly a full-screen. At least,
on my monitor it does.

The first three sentences of the tentative section 8 are contradicted in
the later specification. For example, it states that the extension of a
query should be ".rq", but then later specifies it as ".frq". Also, it
gives the subtype as "sparql-query" in the first 3 sentences and then gives
it as "sparql-query-fed" in the specification.

David Charboneau
Jazz Foundation Services
IBM Rational

Received on Tuesday, 13 April 2010 19:32:28 UTC