Re: [TF-PP] Zero-length paths (ACTION-251)

> One approach to avoiding the infinite answers is to restrict zero-length path matching to only those terms that appear in the graph (in either subject, predicate, or object positions). This would result in answers true, false, false, and 3 for examples 1-4, respectively.
> Thoughts?

Another possibility is all subjects + all objects as subjects and 
objects are the only things returnable by paths.

Gives a count of 2 for
SELECT (COUNT(*) AS ?count) WHERE { ?start :p{0} ?end }

Other examples/Test cases are paths rooted at one end only:

SELECT ?x { :s :p{0} ?x }
SELECT ?x { ?x :p{0} :s }
SELECT ?x { :sNot :p{0} ?x }
SELECT ?x { ?x :p{0} :sNot }


Received on Friday, 4 June 2010 11:32:25 UTC