example font size in local.css

Hi all,
I use local.css as style sheet, as does at least the query spec. Ivan
noticed in his review of the entailment regimes doc that the examples
(pre tag) have quite a small size and suggested to adjust that. Since
that comes from the shared style file local.css in which pre tags and
their specialisations such as pre.query and pre.data are defined to
have just 88% of the normal font size, I didn't want to change that
straight away because that obviously has effects on other documents.
If there is no good reason for this, I would suggest, however, to have
the examples in the same font size as the normal text and I can change
that in the style sheet.

The reference to local.css is quite hidden actually, but I think most
of our documents use it because we use the REC-xml.xsl stylesheet in
shared. REC-xml.xsl then includes diffspec.xsl, which includes
xmlspec.xsl, which then includes local.css.

Let me know if there are any reasons for having just 88% font size. Regards,

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Received on Wednesday, 19 May 2010 14:33:06 UTC