Web survey to resolve ISSUE-29 on negation

Hi everyone,

As promised, I've setup a Web survey that we will use to resolve 
ISSUE-29, the question of how to fulfill our negation deliverable from 
our charter.

The survey is at:


Please note:

  * As this survey is a formal Working Group decision, only one response 
may be submitted per organization. If your organization has multiple WG 
members, please work together and submit a single response.

  * The results of the survey will be binding. As always, we may revisit 
the issue in the future if we come across new information. If the 
results do not resolve the issue (i.e. there is not a majority or clear 
plurality), the Chairs will decide the issue.

  * When submitting your choice, you have the option of having a copy of 
your choice sent to this mailing list.

  * As with all of our group's business, the survey and its results are 
publicly visible.

  * As with any group decision, WG members are welcome to avail 
themselves of the W3C formal objection process if the group's decision 
is unsatisfactory to their organization.

  * The survey will be open through Monday, May 17.


Received on Friday, 7 May 2010 15:19:33 UTC