[tests] Re: Dedicated TC on Test Cases 2010-06-30

On 28/06/2010 17:48, Axel Polleres wrote:
> 3) Go through test cases proposals... I contected all owners of respective actions individually, it would be extremly helpful to have some example queries with expected answers per category at the least before the call...

 > 4) Discuss responsibles for the test suite... My proposal would be to 
have one overall editor who is supported by "category responsibles" at 
least to start with?

Last time we checked "working" tests cases into W3C CVS to collect the 

"working" = manifest linking to parsable queries and data.

We had test cases for proposals (so they didn't parse or execute) in the 
early stages of DAWG but we had syntactically correct queries and data 
for the later stages.  This all helps who ever is the overal test case 
editor and coordinator.  If they end up translating/trasnscribing test 
cases from email then the test case may not reflect the original intent 
and also it could be quite a burden on the coordinator.  Better to crowd 
source in the correct formats.

It also helps if questions about the spec go to the email list 
separately to avoid point getting missed or test case material and 
discussion getting mixed and something missed as a result.

Once we get into the flow of creating test materials, this should avoid 
too many bottlenecks but we do need to make sure we are distributing the 
work somehow.


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