Re: SD doc review

Hi Birte,

Thanks for the review. I'll look into getting the appropriate references added to the references section.

On May 9, 2010, at 10:27 PM, Birte Glimm wrote:

> Status of this Document
> ...
> Furthermore, the extra "URL" property for describing the location of a
> dataset description file was dropping*<-dropped* in preference of
> using dereferencable sd:Dataset URIs.


> 3.2.2 sd:Language
> An instance of sd:Language represents a subset of the SPARQL
> language... @@ Better word than "subset" to describe this?
> How about saying:
> An instance of sd:Language describes a class of the SPARQL queries
> that is supported by an sd:Service.

This sounds better than what I've got.

> 3.2.5 sd:EntailmentRegime
> (as described in SPARQL 12.6 @@ old sparql spec reference)
> could be replaced by adding a reference to the entailment regimes doc:

OK. Should I link to directly to ?

> @@ need to include this in the references section. <- Namespaces
> Should be replced by an entry in the reference section.

Do you mean the link should be removed to the Unique URIs for Entailment Regimes and instead be replaced by just an entry in the references section?

> 3.2.6 sd:EntailmentProfile
> An entialment profile  <- An ent*ai*lment profile


> 3.3 Instances
> @@ add these pages to the references section.
> Should be added where possible
> 3.3.2 sd:SPARQL11Query
> sd:SPARQL10Query <- sd:SPARQL1*1*Query


> 3.4.13 sd:resultFormat
> @@ need to include this in the references section.
> Can we get this done?
> 3.4.17 sd:graph
> ...
> Is it not the case that the domain is also sd:NamedGraph?
> The rdfs:domain of sd:graph is sd:NamedGraph.



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