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[DM] 3.2 Construction from an Infoset

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-001

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-002

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-003

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-004

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-005

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-006

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-007

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-008

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-009

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-010

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-011

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-012

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-013

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-014

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-015

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-016

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-017

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-018

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-019

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-020

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-021

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-022

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-023

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-024

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-025

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-026

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-027

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-028

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-029

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-030

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-031

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-032

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-033

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-034

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-035

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-036

[DM] MS-DM-LC2-037

[DM] Names for abstract Schema types

[DM] white space

[DM] white space WG response wanted.

[DM][F+O] "as document" (editorial)

[F&O] 14 Functions and Operators on Nodes

[F&O] 14.1.5 fn:lang

[F&O] 15.1.8 fn:exists

[F&O] 6.2.6 op:numeric-mod

[F&O] C.2.3 eg:value-except

[F&O] deep-equal

[F&O] subtracting date/time with empty sequence

[F+O] Casting to subtypes of xs:integer

[FO] OB03: 15.3.5 sum / B Compatibility with XPath 1.0

[FO]: OB01 escape-uri

[FO]: OB02 escape-uri example

[XPath2.0] 2.4 Predicates

[XPath] Reference to XQuery Prolog in process diagram

[XPath] Simple Mapping Operator

[XQuery] Precedence rules for QuantifiedExpr - OrExpr - AndExpr

[XQuery] SAG-XQ-005 Serializing Arbitrary Sequences

[XQuery] static typing of node comparisons

[XSLT2.0] 16.6.5 system-property

[XSLT2.0] 21.1 Basic XSLT Processor

[XSLT2.0] fragment identifiers, media types and document()

[XSLT2.0] K.1.2 Incompatibility in the Absence of a Schema

[XSLT2.0] XML versions and XSLT stylesheet as a data model in stance

[XSLT2.0] XML versions and XSLT stylesheet as a data model instance

belated namespace declaration attributes

casting from numeric types to string: what about precision ?

Comments to XQuery WG on Data Model Documentation

Date Format!

Does fn:data preserve order for list types?

F&O 7.2.1 fn:codepoints-to-string

Functions on Dates, Times and Durations

Link from translation site

multiple modules with same namespace

namespace rules for functions and variables still confusing

Possible mistake in XQuery spec

Precedence rules for QuantifiedExpr - OrExpr - AndExpr

precision on op:numeric-divide

preserve cdata section


RV: Happy Holidays.

SAG-FO-02 follow-up: Durations

spam safety, please

The Worlds Greatest Vitamin!

unique IDs for fn:id() and interaction with XSLT temporary tr ees

unique IDs for fn:id() and interaction with XSLT temporary trees

use-cases updated ?

Used Formwork/Peri Doka

XQuery for every node except for something

Xquery Functions and Operators: Section 14.1.4 fn:number

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