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[2014-11-21] Minutes and an action for you

ACTION-71 Work out goals for data quality vocab by tpac

Addressing ACTION-102

Agenda for friday

Agenda for fryday

agenda for next call 28/11

Agenda for tomorrow

Apologies for Lewis McGibbney

BP Doc skeleton on GitHub

Canceling Vocabulary calls?

datacube-validator issues

DWBP document - general information

dwbp-ACTION-109: And annette to write a use case about real-time and bulk data

dwbp-ACTION-117: Explore the use cases that might clarify the need for uri and url design

dwbp-ACTION-128: Bring out the versioning issues in his use case (ref issue 69)

dwbp-ACTION-129: Write a use case focusing on versioning (ref issue 69)

dwbp-ACTION-130: Review issues around ucr and contact individual use case authors to review them in the light of current issues and create relevant actions

dwbp-ACTION-131: Will write about resource version

dwbp-ACTION-132: Will write an email about what he understandes about the discussion on the uri document and mtcarrasco work to be put on the bp document

dwbp-ISSUE-79 (metatype): Discovery vs structural metadata [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-82 (Dataset): What is the definition of a dataset? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-83 (LuSTRE): New Reqs from LuSTRE Use Case [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-84 (Portal resilience): Should DCAT include a pointer to a mirror/back up? [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-85 (R-DataLifecycleStage): New Req: Data should be identified by a designated lifecycle stage [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-86 (R-DataIrreproducibility): New req: Data should be designated if it is irreproducible [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-87 (R-DesignatedUserExpertise): New req: Data should be designated if either by virtue of its complexity or its nature is relevant to users with specific expertise. [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-88 (R-DesignatedThingsServiceProviders): New req: Data produced by things or services should be associated with complete things/services metadata descriptions. [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-89 (R-SoftwareDataUsage): New req: Data should be annotated with descriptions of software applications using the data [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-90 (R-UsageFeedback): new req: Data consumers should have a way of sharing feedback and rating data [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-91 (R-Location): New req: Locations (countries, regions, cities etc.) must be referred to consistently [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-92 (Dropping Formats): OK to drop last word of 'Requirements for Data Formats' from challenges/req list? [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-93 (Open SLAs): Free Open Data SLAs for Open Data publishing [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-94 (Git for data): Dataset versioning and dataset replication [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-95 (MSI): Requirements derived from MSI use case [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-96 (Share-PSI): Is the WG happy with the Share-PSI use case [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-97 (Axoims in UCR): Should we include the three axioms in the UCR [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-98 (R-QualityOpinions): R-QualityOpinions and R-IncorporateFeedback seem to be duplicates? [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-99 (Timeline): Our timelines are hopelessly out of date...

extraordinary meeting on monday -1/12/14

Granularity and version

Half-day call

Is use of Data Cube Vocabulary for an observation-less catalog considered harmful?

ISSUE-69: Do we include versioning in the bp doc? currently there are no use cases for it

ISSUE-73: What exactly is the audience for the bp doc?


ISSUE-80: We need a definition of "dataset"

ISSUE-81: Is the best practices template still right?

Issues Vs BP Document

New Ed Draft of UCR

Regrets Re: Agenda for tomorrow

Table of Contents DWBP

The Next Wave is People Data

Timing of today's call

TPAC 2014

We Need Much More Data

Working Group Telecon tomorrow?

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