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Re: WD-css3-text-20021024 substantive comments Christoph Päper (Friday, 31 January)

running programs popoola samuel (Friday, 31 January)

input type= file problems mfmartin@med2.unex.es (Wednesday, 29 January)

modification of the <dfn> element Mjumbe Ukweli (Thursday, 30 January)

Recommended Processing model for NOSCRIPT element seshadri te (Tuesday, 28 January)

Tag Proposal: DATE Jared Warren (Thursday, 30 January)

define a goal for xhtml Lorenzo De Tomasi (Wednesday, 29 January)

I think I had an error sending... Sending again... (IE handling of XHTML doctype and namespace) Richard Norman (Tuesday, 28 January)

IE handling of XHTML doctype and namespace (sample) Richard Norman (Tuesday, 28 January)

IE handling of XHTML doctype and namespace Richard Norman (Tuesday, 28 January)

Pages won't validate as XHTML because of Char Encoding Aziz Matar (Tuesday, 28 January)

IFRAME placed in wrong DTD Andrei Zlate-Podani (Sunday, 26 January)

The src attribute Sjoerd Visscher (Sunday, 26 January)

Re: XHTML doctype and namespace lookups overwhelm w3.org servers? Webmaster, Musikcafeen (Sunday, 26 January)

suggestion Vlad Giszpenc (Friday, 24 January)

confused Willard (Friday, 24 January)

table and ol combi Joris Huizer (Thursday, 23 January)

script tag - archive attribute Stephen Battey (Monday, 20 January)

just checking Doug (Wednesday, 22 January)

self-contained html file format Josh Haberman (Wednesday, 22 January)

My thoughts on XHTML 2 Kelvin Chung (Monday, 20 January)

VeriPic(R) News Jean Joe (Friday, 17 January)

External links in XHTML 1.1 Simon Jessey (Friday, 17 January)

define a goal for xhtml Lorenzo De Tomasi (Friday, 17 January)

div & span Ben-Nes Michael (Friday, 17 January)

Form controls outside of form blocks Shaddy Baddah (Friday, 17 January)

Re: <note> may be a good idea.. Richard Norman (Friday, 17 January)

ANN: xml-hypertext mailing list Simon St.Laurent (Thursday, 16 January)

application/xhtml+xml Nick Boalch (Thursday, 16 January)

define a goal for xhtml [it was: 'different uses of xhtml' & 'xhtml2 and user groups'] Lorenzo De Tomasi (Thursday, 16 January)

<note> may be a good idea... was (Proposal for XHTML 2.0: The <footnote> element) Richard Norman (Thursday, 16 January)

xhtml2 and user groups Veith Risak (Thursday, 16 January)

XHTML 1.0 Table Problem Aziz Matar (Thursday, 16 January)

We don't need the style attribute Ian Hickson (Thursday, 16 January)

different uses of xhtml Lorenzo De Tomasi (Thursday, 16 January)

XHTML 2.0: Stay the course Micah Dubinko (Wednesday, 15 January)

Alternatives to 'style' attribute? Micah Dubinko (Wednesday, 15 January)

Re: Is this legal XHTML 1.1? Jonathan Chetwynd (Wednesday, 15 January)

What is wrong with xhtml 1.0? Chris Casciano (Wednesday, 15 January)

RE: XHTML 2.0 considered harmful) Richard Norman (Wednesday, 15 January)

Echo Zeldman Cory Shubert (Wednesday, 15 January)

Three design-related (HTML or CSS) elements for your consideration Thomas W. Krafft (Wednesday, 15 January)

HTML to XHTML translator Jesus Arias Fisteus (Tuesday, 14 January)

XHTML 1.0 = HTML 5.0? (was Re: XHTML 2.0 considered harmful) Devon Y. (Wednesday, 15 January)

Proposal for XHTML 2.0: The <footnote> element Jonas Jørgensen (Tuesday, 14 January)

XHTML 2.0 considered harmful Tantek Çelik (Tuesday, 14 January)

HTML forms and HTTP/WebDAV requests Frans Dondorp (Friday, 10 January)

HTML DTD Dervla O'Keeffe (Friday, 10 January)

DTD and schema - what's the difference? Ron Woodall (Thursday, 9 January)

Re: Default Submit Button Ted Callander (Wednesday, 8 January)

Duplicated web page contents John Greenwood (Wednesday, 8 January)

CSS alignment Niklas Wahlberg (Tuesday, 7 January)

IFrame Resets PERUGINI, MICHAEL (SWBT) (Tuesday, 7 January)

SGML relationships Ron Woodall (Tuesday, 7 January)

RE: Promotion of XHTML Russell O'Connor (Monday, 30 December)

HTML or XHTML - why do you use it? Devon Y. (Sunday, 5 January)

client-side include Jonathan Chetwynd (Sunday, 5 January)

get selection from screen li zhang cis student (Thursday, 2 January)

Re: Promotion of XHTML Douglas Livingstone (Wednesday, 1 January)

Re: XHTML 2.0 - <line> or <l>? Mikko Rantalainen (Wednesday, 1 January)

Re: comments on 2002-12-12 XHTML 2.0 WD Mikko Rantalainen (Wednesday, 1 January)

remove redundant title element Brant Langer Gurganus (Wednesday, 1 January)

Re: <hr /> and WD-xhtml2-20021218 Toby Inkster (Wednesday, 1 January)

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