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Re: Style attribute and BR vs L (was: XHTML 2.0 considered harmful)

From: Wingnut <wingnut@winternet.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 12:15:36 -0600
Message-ID: <3E25A548.9080607@winternet.com>
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A recent post contained...

> Everyone defending style attribute just repeats how that's needed in 
> real world problems but nobody is seems to be able to show even one 
> reasonable example.

Ok, as low-impact as this may turn out to be... MOOzilla, a MUD/MOO 
client appliction based upon Mozilla... requires that moo output headed 
for its gecko screen, in order to have styling, use an embeded style 
param in the element.  MOOzilla probably COULD maintain a 'style state' 
by assigning one at logon to a MOO/MUD, but currently it doesn't. 
That's because, in a way, MOOzilla is a NODE VIEWER and not really a 
classic browser or telnet client.  When you deal with node viewing 
(rendered), you may or may not have a style state active, and/or a set 
of references to ID's or classes.  When one physically inserts the style 
into the element itself... there are no outside dependencies and a 
HTML-based node viewer app would/could render it nicely.  The node, can 
stand alone, or with its rulestring... and even then, it stands alone, 
without dependency.  A node that stands alone, with its style in its 
pocket... does have some handy uses for transcluders.

In the MOO, server side... I have a styling system for MOOzilla that, 
although the styles are derived from 122-property css rule objects... 
they compile into rule-strings, and are handed around and inserted into 
elements in that form.  They are each bound for a 'style=[rulestring]' 
that gets stuck inside of some element. Granted, there are likely only 
10-20 MOOzilla users running around so far, and even less know about 
styling practices for it... but someone seemed desparate for a real 
world example.  ID, CLASS, STYLE ELEMENTS, HEAD, BODY, LINK... all do 
nothing for MOOzilla... but likely someday could.  All in all, 
currently, style params embeded in *ml elements are essential to that 
app and system.

MOO pig
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