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Re: different uses of xhtml

From: Lorenzo De Tomasi <lorenzo.detomasi@libero.it>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 15:48:12 +0100
To: <www-html@w3.org>
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on 16-01-2003 13:16, Philip TAYLOR [PC336/H-XP] at P.Taylor@Rhul.Ac.Uk

> Lorenzo De Tomasi wrote:
>> I want to focus some ways I can approach the semantic web as editor. I know
>> there are a lot of shadings between these ways and a lot of other different
>> ways, but I think these two are representative and diffuse.
>> They can be easily associated to professions.
>> 1. Content editor way
>> Goal:       1. write a text with images and and publish it as html or pdf in
>> the faster and easier way;
>> Solution:   1. create contents;
>> 2. structure contents adding xhtml strict tags;
> [and then long snip, but with this sequence repeated]
> I think your approach is fundamentally flawed; by treating
> "create contents" as a separate phase from "structure
> contents adding [] tags", you are already in danger of
> falling into the classic trap of retrofitting markup to
> an existing document.  If you regard "create contents"
> and "tag contents meaningfully" as indivisible, you will
> save yourself a great deal of work and hardship ...
> Philip Taylor, RHBNC

I agree on the fact that 'creation of contents' and 'structure/architecture
of contents' should be indivisible, but it's not easy because when I create
contents my mind automatically structure and organize contents in an
implicit way. I feel the process of expliciting the structure organizing the
contents with nested and linked tags as forced and I usually see 'creation
of contents' and 'structure/architecture of contents' as different phases...
What about you?
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