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Re: Three design-related (HTML or CSS) elements for your consideration

From: Mikko Rantalainen <mira@cc.jyu.fi>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 19:08:53 +0200
Message-ID: <3E2595A5.1050301@cc.jyu.fi>
To: thomas@krafft.com
CC: www-html@w3.org

Thomas W. Krafft wrote:
> As a more technically-oriented organization, I've noticed much of your work
> now involves the more advanced standards and aspects of codes that are used
> to develop Web sites. However, because you also establish the standards for
> code which are *still* primarily used by novices, the public and amateur web
> site designers around the world, I wanted to send a very short list of

IMO, it's amateur authors that should *start* with getting the semantics 
correctly. If we have good enough default stylesheet those amateurs 
should be much happier with the result and easy of updating.

The problem is that amateur web authors generally consider page looks 
much more important than the content.

> Here are three elements I'd like to contribute. Please feel free to contact
> Additional Design Elements for HTML (or XHTML) or CSS Standards (preferably
> Proposed element # 1: Ability to add rounded or other-shaped corners to
> tables or table cells. 

See CSS3 / border-radius
**Don't use tables for layout**

> Proposed element # 2: Ability to add drop-shadows to HTML tables or cells.

(WHY? See above)
See CSS3, you can use images to get the borders look exactly you like.

> Proposed element # 3: Ability to display "stroke-effect" or colored outline
> around non-transparent portion of an image on mouseOver.

> controlled to provide more of an image (defined here as the NON-transparent
> portions of an image) outline effect...

Yes, it would be nice if CSS2 outline worked this way with images. But 
because defining the border shape in general case is a really hard 
problem I'm afraid we're not going to have automatic feature for this 
one. I'd simply make two images: one with the image and an another with 
the image and the outline just like you want it. After that, simply 
change the image with :hover.

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