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ANN: xml-hypertext mailing list

From: Simon St.Laurent <simonstl@simonstl.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 16:09:16 -0500
To: www-html@w3.org
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I'm sorry to distract everyone from the XHTML 2.0 discussion, but I'm
hoping that some of the developers here might also be interested in a
list that focuses more generally on XML and hypertext. XHTML and XML
linking have had a few loud recent encounters, and I'm hoping among
other things to get those two camps talking.  I hope this will be useful
for people thinking about XML hypertext in XHTML contexts and beyond.


Conversations about XML and hypertext have been scattered for a long
time.  The xlxp-dev list disappeared, www-xml-linking-comments is
primarily a comments list for the XLink and XPointer specifications,
and xml-dev, xsl-list, www-tag, XHTML-L, and www-html all have other
projects on which they need to focus.  The RDF and Topic Maps
communities are definitely involved in hypertext and XML, but also have
other priorities and applications.

Although hypertext is far from a dominant application of XML, there
still seems to be plenty of interest in the subject.  The Hypertext Town
Hall at XML 2002 was both thought-provoking and well-attended
(especially for a night session up against a large Microsoft Office
demo, a Topic Maps Town Hall, and an XML and Databases Town Hall).  

Participants in both the Town Hall and various recent discussions
(notably XLink/HLink) clearly have strong opinions and visions for what
they'd like to see XML doing for hypertext and how they would like that
to work.  While the XLink Working Group may have ended at the close of
last year, interest in linking continues.  I hope that the recent
publication of Micah Dubinko's SkunkLink and my own VELLUM will
encourage further discussion of these issues and perhaps let us expand
the reach of XML for hypertext.

The xml-hypertext@xmlhack.com list is designed to bring these many
discussions together into a forum that focuses more squarely on
hypertext. xml-hypertext is an unmoderated list, though only subscribers
may post.  

The archives are public:

To subscribe, see the information at:

Simon St.Laurent
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