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Re: suggestion

From: Lorenzo De Tomasi <lorenzo.detomasi@libero.it>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 22:43:00 +0100
To: <www-html@w3.org>
Message-ID: <BA5771F4.2A29%lorenzo.detomasi@libero.it>

I think that <tree> can be very useful.
But there are different kinds of trees:

- folders

        <hd name="Macintosh HD">
            <folder name="Images"/>
            <folder name="Movies">
                <folder name="Thriller"/>
                    <file name="The Hole"/>


hd: Macintosh HD
|__folder: Images
|__folder: Movies
    |__folder: Thriller
        |__file: The Hole

The items have no relations

- a website map

        <!-- bidirectional relation -->
        <page name="homepage" link_to="contact, externalURL, mission"/>
        <page name="contact" link_to="homepage"/>
        <page name="mission" link_to="homepage"
        <!-- monodirectional relation -->
        <page name="externalURL">

            homepage ----> externalURL
       |                  |
       V                  V
    contact            mission

The items have relations with the same semantic value (links) and the tree
can't be represented only as nested tags

- a genealogical tree

    <!-- bidirectional relation -->
    <person name="Father" married_with="Mother"/>
    <person name="Mother" married_with="Father"/>
    <!-- monodirectional relations -->
    <person name="Child" child_of="Father, Mother"/>
    <person name="Child" child_of="Father, Mother"/>


Father <---> Mother
   |            |
   V            V
 Child        Child

The items have relations with different semantic value and the tree can't be
represented only as nested tags

- a map

    <country name="Italia">
        <region name="Lombardia">
            <province name="Milano">
                <city name="Milano" type="capoluogo di regione" road="R1"/>
                <city name="Varese" type="capoluogo di provincia"/>
                <city name="Sesto Calende" type="cittą"/>
        <region name="Piemonte">
            <province name="Torino" type="capoluogo di regione" road="R1,
            <province name="Novara" type="capoluogo di provincia"
        <road name="R1" distance="100km" type="highway"/>
        <road name="R2" distance="50km" type="road"/>


* Milano <========== * Torino <-----> ° Novara
             100Km             50km

The items have relations with different semantic value,
links are themselves items with their own properties,
properties change the presentation of the links,
the tree can't be represented only as nested tags

If you know other kinds of trees please add them.
What kind of trees do you want to structure with <tree> tag?

on 24-01-2003 21:04, Vlad Giszpenc at vlad@logicmagic.com wrote:

> Hi,
> I was reading about XHTML and I was disappointed to find that there is no
> tree construct.  Tables are nice but they do not handle hierarchical data
> very gracefully.  Data naturally arranges itself in a hierarchical way most
> of the time.  Why not have a construct that handles this kind of structure?
> It could be used for menus as well of course.
> Imagine the following:
> <tree name="My Shopping Cart" branches="open" title="ACME Cart">
> <tree name="Produce" branches="closed" title="Perishable foods">
> <tree name="Fruits" branches="closed" title="Cherry tomatos on sale">
> <tree name=banamas></tree>
> <tree name=oranges></tree>
> <tree name="cherry tomatoes"></tree>
> </tree> <!-- fruits -->
> </tree> <!-- produce -->
> <tree name="Pharmacy" branches="closed" title="Not feeling well? Try our
> ginseng">
> <tree name="Pain Relievers" branches="closed" title="Take a pill and
> call us in the morning">
> <tree name=Advil />
> <tree name=Tylenol />
> </tree> <!-- Pain relievers -->
> </tree> <!-- Pharmacy -->
> </tree> <!-- cart -->
> with a few styles it could be very cool.  I am a programmer.  I don't care
> how you implement the details (remember KISS).  We need a hierarchical
> control that is in the language.  Browsers like IE already this sort of
> thing.  If you browse an XML document, you get a tree.  Why not allow people
> to make any kind of outline they wish?
> If it is an OBJECT that is ok.  As long as you give a set of standard
> objects that include a menu looking thing and a tree browser looking thing
> e.g. Windows Explorer or the MMC with nice pictures.
> Thanks for your consideration,
> Vladimir Giszpenc
> mailto:vlad@logicmagic.com

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