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2.4 install.

2.4 Keyboard Question

2.4 NT Proposes \ for new page

2.5pre, still no bookmarking?

2.5pre: other scrolling problems.

2.5pre: Thot: Irrecoverable error.

2.5pre: wild ride scrolling.

[Amaya] : Unicode Fonts (was Re: Unicode/UTF-8 (was: Problems with Amaya 2.4))

[Moderator Action] Compiling in Win98 with Visual C++ 5.0

[www-amaya] <none>

About bugs

Absolute "file:" URLs under Windows95

Alt Gr in Amaya with Linux

Amaya 0.8a BUGs: German umlauts always uppercase et al.

Amaya 2.3 binary for Win 98 - long URLs

Amaya 2.4 (NT) bug report

Amaya 2.4 (SunOS 5.5.1) crash

amaya 2.4 - troubles on Alpha

Amaya 2.4 linux bug

Amaya 2.5 on NT - Bugs

Amaya 2.5 Solaris5.5.1 Sparc

Amaya and Javascript

Amaya and the W3C Link Checker

amaya crashed after authentication retry

Amaya crashes with URL

AMAYA Editor

Amaya hangs while loading URL

Amaya hates 3Dfx ?

Amaya pre-release 2.5

Amaya questions

Amaya ready for documentation project?

Amaya stable for reliable use?

Amaya: what does the name mean?

Area ALT text clipped to ~31 characters without warning

auto-save periodically, not just at crash time

Bogus " rect" at end of image map.

Broken Pipe?

browser component

Bug in Paste under NT

bug report

Bug report for release 2.4 on linux

bug report: args to dynamic images

Bug with amaya 2.4

Bug: crash on "enable style sheet"

bugs in Linux version

Bugs: Keyboard Configuration under Windows

Build Problem

Building Amaya 2.4 on alpha-dec-osf4.0

Can't draw area outside of window, etc.

Can't Save in 2.4

Cascading Makebooks

Character Style window does not display

Colourful Amaya Icon

creating netscape/explorer-readable HTML with Amaya

CSS bug?

CVS daily snapshots?

deleting slash at the and of an URL


DIR property

Disabled views

disabling the poping of new window in Amaya

does Amaya support MD5 authentication?

Double key bug?

Download trouble

Editor.A...where does it get updated?

Extra "blank space" causes misalignment in table cell

floating point exception

Forms and POST Method

How to get Amaya to recognize JSP pages as HTML?

HTML Table Frame and Rules attribute

HTTP/0.9 downgrade???

image problem

Install problems on Solaris 2.5.1

interrupting transfer

iso-8859-2 fonts for Amaya

Linux Amaya 2.4 images...

Linux binary distribution

Location of English.dic

Looking for a recent NT build

loop... in list editing? [was: auto-save ...]

Make Book Questions/Bugs

memset compilation problem

Miscellaneous buglets

missing PutOver.html and PutCern.html in documentation

More table woes

multikey on Unix

NCRs (was RE: Problems with Amaya 2.4 )

Nested or overlapping tags do not display

Newbie: FONT and LAYER

NT 2.4 Hot spot for defining areas is to bottom right of crosshai r.

NT 2.4 Hot spot for defining areas is to bottom right of crosshair.

NT 2.4 Structure view not completely painted on scroll etc.

NT Question

Num lock

Online help for upgrade ?

Open document in Amaya 2.4

page-breaks when printing

Pasting URL's into Amaya's Address field

PATCH for it-amayamsg [Was: Re: bug report]

Pb avec Amaya et X11

Pb compiling amaya

please help me

printing bug

Printing with Amaya

Problem with <SPAN> within <A>, and other issues

Problem with rendering tab characters in source view.

Problems with Amaya 2.4

Progress in the CVS base of Amaya

Re2: multikey on Unix

Reading XML with Amaya

Saving new files on 2.4 (XHTML v. HTML)

scrolling; annotations

Some of the many bugs

special characters

Swedish umlauts always uppercase et al.

syntax highlighting in source view?


Tables "Feature"

TAN: Ampersands in URIs

the support of non-English

Title and Source download problems

Title Field missing?


Unicode/UTF-8 (was: Problems with Amaya 2.4)

v2.4 on Win 95 (binary distribution)

version speed

Win95 Editor and Titles

Win95 printing

Windows 2000 compliance of Amaya

XML DocBook & Amaya

Yesterday afternoon's tarfile.

Yesterday's CVS, build problem on Solaris

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