Online help for upgrade ?

Dear Jose Kahan

I have installed Amaya 2.2 and already downloaded Amaya 2.4.

I rember reading on the website that one must uninstall any

previous version befor updating. So I searched the Amaya


But nowhere does it explain how to uninstall ??

Sorry if I seem dumb but I just dont know how.

I have previous been exclusively a Windows user

but now have a muliti-boot Win-Linux machine.

I have no idea how to do the uninstall in Linux.

can you please get this infor put onto the Amaya

webpages as I am sure others may want to know.

Any hints - advice - links - on how to do the

uninstall for a Linux version much appreciated

Yours John

John Coombes (miesanz) Melbourne Victoria Australia
Using Mandrake Linux v.7.0 + Netscape Comunicator 4.7
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Received on Thursday, 20 January 2000 09:59:26 UTC