Re: v2.4 on Win 95 (binary distribution)

Morning all,

I'm running at 1280x1024x16bpp on my machine... My documents use JPGs, not
GIFs, and when editing, (and actually any other time), the graphics are
no-shows. They're in the code, and they were visible, once upon a time. I'm
running Win95 w/ the latest Amaya sources from CVS, and the images are
created using MSImager (from Office 95).
I went to Weather.Com, and the colors are screwy with the images, and for, I don't see the W3C logo at the very top of the screen.

Gary Klesczewski

On Wed, 26 Jan 2000 wrote:


That's hit it right ... this PC isn't well endowed with video memory so I
run it 1024x768x16bit. When I switch it to 800x600x24bit Amaya renders
the transparency correctly.

Assuming there are lots of people out there running 1024x768 on a PC
without ill effects 8-) then it must the the 16bit colour that is causing
the problem. Hence my making this response to the list ... perhaps someone
else running 16bit colour on a PC can confirm or deny transparent GIFs are
rendered correctly.


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