Alt Gr in Amaya with Linux


As of version 2.4 the Alt Gr key has no effect any more on my french
keyboard and with Linux. Still works fine on Windows. I've tried with a
previous version (2.2): it works (at the first glance, it is not my Linux
or X-Window). What I miss the most is the circumflex accent. I have
"solved" the problem with new entries in my amaya.keyboard (Ctrl <Key>g ,
Ctrl<Key>a is now ) but I still miss #{[... since I was to lazzy to add
the entries (check the Iso-Latin codes table, transcript to octal ...).

I do not  know if this tip has already been given for those who use Amaya
from a french keyboard: 
Ctrl Shift <Key>1: CreateHeading1() instead of Ctrl <Key>1:
CreateHeading1(). In general, see note in amaya.kb.


Serge Torres

Ecole normale superieure

Received on Tuesday, 4 January 2000 03:51:10 UTC