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>My old local pages used "|" in place of of ":" because that 
>was the required de facto standard, for the reason Maurizio 

That is also the formal standard, IETF RFC 1738:

I think it is very important that Amaya adhere closely to the Internet
specifications. Unless it does so, it would lose much of its value as a
tool for Web designers who are interested in creating well-behaved
(standards-compliant) sites.

>A looser standard would also accept the slashes 
>going in either direction, and 

This collides into several sections of RFC 1738, that backassward slashes
are ~unsafe characters~ within a URL (and hence must be quoted ala %xx) and
that the ~file~ scheme is quite explicitly defined to begin file:// .

>would allow either 2 or 3 slashes following "file:".

Just as it can now, with use of 2 and 3 slashes having quite different
meanings? Or were you suggesting what would seem a rather drastic violation
of the definition of the file scheme, by misinterpreting two slashes as if
there were three? Please, I sure hope not!

I'd think, with the experiences we have with two ~popular~ and
often-misbehaving browsers, we'd hope for Amaya to be a well-behaved breath
of fresh air.

Safe computing,  /Harold

"...implementations should follow a general principle of robustness:
be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from 
others."         --  Jon Postel, "DoD Standard Transmission Control
                     Protocol", January 1980, RFC 761 at 2.10
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