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> Hi,
> Just another weird behaviour of version 2.4 with my Linux (Redhat 5.2,
> glibc 2.1.2) box:
> when I try to "save as" the document address box will not accept vowels
> (!?!), other letters are OK. 
> It happens no matter the size of the document or the span time I have been
> working with Amaya.
> On the other hand, everything is fine my other box (Linux Mandrake 6.1,
> glibc 2.1.2).
> None of them allows me to get the characters accessible only through the
> Alt Gr key (~"{[|`\^@]} and all the circumflexed vowels, with multi key
> enabled )on my french layout keyboard.
> Cheers
> Serge Torres
> Ecole normale superieure


These is a known bug. There is a conflict with some XF86Config and/or
xmodmap configurations when you're using a non standard keyboards. 
Someone mentioned that he is looking at that problem.
Meanwhile, I can suggest three checks:
- first check if you have the right configuration for your keyboard
  in /etc/X11/XF86Config
- check if it works better when you don't have the NumLock set
- start xev and check what encoding is returned when you hit the key of a 
  vowel within the xev window.


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