Re: v2.4 on Win 95 (binary distribution)

Same thing here. The third Icon at the top is transparent, while the others
are not. I took a look at the page using IE v4a (NU Version, I don't know
what the difference is), and saw something else - the GIF Oxon.Gif does not
appear in Amaya, but does appear in IE. I wish I could install Netscape to
see if there is anything else...
Ok, I just upped my res to 32bpp and the GIFs appeared fine (Transparent,
and everything...). When I switched back, the GIFs remained transparent
(Correctly), but I refreshed, not only did the GIFs return to normal, but
also, the last image disappeared and Oxon.GIF appeared with a green
background. I then downed the colors to 8bpp, and the GIFs again behaved
properly with the correct transparency.
My guess right now about the odd behavior after the screen resolution
changes is that the "residue" of the processing hung around, but when
processing the images natively in the 16bpp environment, it does not appear
to like the transparency.

I hope this helps...
Gary Klesczewski

To:   Gary L. Klesczewski/NUS@NU
Subject:  Re: v2.4 on Win 95 (binary distribution)

On Wed, 26 Jan 2000 klescgl@NU.COM wrote:

+ I'm running at 1280x1024x16bpp on my machine... My documents use JPGs,
+ GIFs, and when editing, (and actually any other time), the graphics are
+ no-shows. They're in the code, and they were visible, once upon a time.
+ running Win95 w/ the latest Amaya sources from CVS, and the images are
+ created using MSImager (from Office 95).
+ I went to Weather.Com, and the colors are screwy with the images, and for
+, I don't see the W3C logo at the very top of the screen.


This looks promising (in a negative sort of way!), can you have a look at
my page please and
report how the icons appear at the top. They should all have a transparent
background but for me (Amaya on 1024x768x16bit) only the third icon has
the transparency rendered, the others show a square outline.


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