Re: Absolute "file:" URLs under Windows95

One. as in http:/root/of/my/tree/etc ( == /root/of/my/tree/etc ==
// )

two would look like http://SERVER/filepath (which would make life confusing)


On Thu, 9 Mar 2000, Maurizio Codogno wrote:

  > From: "Henrik Frystyk Nielsen" <>
  > RFC 1738 has been updated by RFC 2396 but unfortunately neither have a
  > very practical definition of file: URIs (and file: is kind of strange in
  > the first place). Personally I like file:/D:/foo instead of file:///D:/foo
  > as is in fact unambiguous (and legal) 
  One or two slashes between file: and D: ? (I think two)
  Well, it would be time to amend  RFC 2396 with a standard definition
  (or maybe to put some 1st April RFC with other schemata!)
  ciao ,.mau.

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