Re: 2.5pre, still no bookmarking?

On Fri, 10 Mar 2000 wrote:

> > I just installed Amaya 2.5pre on Linux-Mandrake 7.0. I notice that the bug

> > I am surprised, however, that there is no obvious way I can bookmark like

> As Amaya is an authoring tool, it's very easy to create and edit a page 
> HotList.html.

Not easy. I'm glad some bugs were fixed, but not all is well yet. Patient
still sick.

After playing around with Amaya 2.5pre I gather a Web server did not get
set up when I installed this Mandrake 7.0. So, when trying to access my ~
directory I get "Could not load ...", or:  "The requested URL could not be


That is just one way I tried it. Does Amaya know about file systems
and such without needing Apache or something to coach it?

> We considered that was enough. Do you think we have to add special functions 
> for
> managing a default HotList.html?

I really like your approach, if it can work. Let's get it to work.  If we
can't, without needing a local Web server running all the time, then, yes,
Amaya will have to be made file system aware, like mc. (mc. Now, there's a
browser for ya'. Not so good at rendering markup though. But it's got a
wonderful builtin editor!) 

Eddie Maddox

Received on Friday, 10 March 2000 11:00:45 UTC