Re: auto-save periodically, not just at crash time

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> What about writing the internal format of the document every so often? WOuld
> that significantly reduce the amout of code called, or just require a whole
> lot more to be written?
> Also I think every 10 seconds is probably a bit excessive. But ifit had an
> autosave periodically that would be helpful. I assume that the power turning
> off, which my laptop sometimes does to me, is not going to be caught by the
> normal crash-recovery.
> cheers
> Charles McCN

The main reasons that could generate an infinite loops is a cycle in the 
structure chaining. If the cycling code doesn't call from time to time the
event handler (which is very often the case), the program never goes out
the infinite loop and cannot be stopped except by a kill.
The infinite loop is the more terrific problem in a program.

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