Re: CVS daily snapshots?

On Mon, 13 Mar 2000 wrote:

> The page gives current
> bug fixes and new features available in the CVS base.

Getting to this page, or the CVS page itself, from the Amaya home page is
not obvious (Source code of Amaya, ...).

Suggestion: near the bottom, say, of the Amaya home page have an "Amaya
Development and Testing" link to a Development and Testing Resources page:
mailing list, docs, CVS, snapshots, etc. 

2nd suggestion: have the CVS daily snapshot be automated. Extra human
attention should be minimal. Some groups do this but I don't know the
details. Perhaps start with a weekly automated snapshot to get used to it. 

3rd. Have both full size snapshots and diffs.

4th. The market, I think, for the snapshots is mostly non-coders like
myself. Some of us are comfortable handling .deb, .rpm, .exe or .tgz
files, but not much beyond that. Since there would be more of us at this
level than qualified and interested Real developers, you basically extend
your tester pool this way. 

With 2.5pre out, now is a good time to have several testers and groups
from different platforms and abilities. So, taking a little time to set up
the CVS snapshots now might be good, at least if someone is available who
knows how to do it without much fuss.

Eddie Maddox

Received on Monday, 13 March 2000 11:44:38 UTC