RE: Nested or overlapping tags do not display

> From:	Bernard Miller []
> Overlapping tags do not display correctly, for
> example:
	There is no *correct* way of displaying overlapping
	elements (you mean't elements, not tags), as they
	represent a syntax error in HTML.

	(SGML based tools are likely to close the I on seeing
	the </STRONG> and delete the </I>, but this is undefined
	error recovery behaviour.  Tag soup parsers are likely to
	treat the </STRONG> as though it were </I></STRONG><I>, although,
	internally they would maintain two independent flags for bold and
	italic and not go through the intermediate everything off state.

	If Amaya were to wish to render them like the popular tag soup
	browsers, it would need to really transform them into the close,
	close, open sequence.)

<STRONG>Hello, <I>I'm </I>doing fine</STRONG>

	Nested tags should display according to the style sheet.

Received on Friday, 17 March 2000 07:01:57 UTC