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You are right. This is not yet implemented for Windows.
I'll commit it ASAP.

You can build Amaya if you put this statement as a comment.

>Morning All,
>I just updated my Amaya source library, and went to build it... I ran into
>a problem in the building of the system. It appears to be missing a
>function definition - "_CreateMathEntityDlgWindow"
>I am building with MSVC++6.0 on a win95 box. The error that I see in the
>build output window is as follows:
>Mathedit.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol 
>There is a reference to it in Mathedit.c that has no prototype:
>d:\development\amaya\amaya\amaya\mathedit.c(2647) : warning C4013: 
'CreateMathEntityDlgWindow' undefined; assuming extern returning int
>If you would like a copy of the entire build output, just let me know.
>Gary Klesczewski


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