Re: auto-save periodically, not just at crash time

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> I notice that Amaya saves a local copy of my work sometimes
> when it crashes. But sometimes, the nature of the crash
> doesn't seem to give Amaya the chance; for example, sometimes
> it hangs (i.e. goes into an infinite loop) rather than
> crashing.
> How about having it do that local auto-save every 10 seconds
> or so, crash or no crash? That way, even if it goes into
> an infinite loop and I have to kill it without giving
> it a chance to save, I won't lose my work.

Writing the document each 10 seconds is not a guaranty against
infinite loops because a large part of the code is also used
during the saving.

The best would be to prevent infinite loops. Could you explain
what you're doing when Amaya went in an infinite loop.


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