Re: HTTP/0.9 downgrade???

This happens because while trying a HTTP/1.x request it got back a 0.9 r
esponse without headers. Trying to deal with it would therefore be "hack
ing it up". I don't know why a server would send that unless it is broke

You can of course set the protocol version in the HTHost object if you w
ant to change it, see

What happened to doing your homework ;)

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen,

> What the heck is that? Could you please just cut out that part of
> libwww?
> As I recall, libwww keeps a cache of info that it knows about various
> hosts, in an attempt to interoperate with old broken servers. The
> problem
> is, as I recall, there's no way to refresh that cache. Once it
> learns something, you're stuck.
> I'd rather have it just assume HTTP 1.1 and deal with any problems tha
> arise...
> i.e. treat HTTP like the stateless protocol that it is.
> I hope we don't hack amaya to deal with broken HTTP servers and HTML
> pages to the point that it forgets how to deal with servers
> and pages that are not broken ;-)

Received on Wednesday, 22 March 2000 17:37:07 UTC