Re: Can't Save in 2.4

Henry McFadyen wrote:

> Al l was well with 2.2 on  stand-alone PC with RedHat 5.0. Installed 2.4
> OK  and  tryed to edit , in edit mode of formatted view,  a file  named
> "home/my name/docname.htm " which I  had previously created and edited a
> lot in 2.2.  When try  to save, I get message box "Cannot create file
> "home/my name/docname.htm ." When I try  to use  "save as" I get a
> warning that the file already exists with offer to overwrite,  but
> overwright  doesn't work.  Save on exit fails also.  I think I'm missing
> something real  obvious,  so please be kind.

Was permissions problem. Could the error message be more specific ? Thanks

Received on Sunday, 30 January 2000 16:43:18 UTC