Re: HTTP/0.9 downgrade???


I suspect you're still using v2.4. If you're under Linux, please switch
to v2.5. I had already removed this backward compatibility in this
version. If you had this message in v2.5, then the bug is somewhere else :)



In our previous episode, Dan Connolly said:
> 	"Error: Server or network forced libwww to downgrade to
> 	HTTP/0.9 for this host. Please quite Amaya.w3"
> As I recall, libwww keeps a cache of info that it knows about various
> hosts, in an attempt to interoperate with old broken servers. The
> problem
> is, as I recall, there's no way to refresh that cache. Once it
> learns something, you're stuck.
> I'd rather have it just assume HTTP 1.1 and deal with any problems that
> arise...
> i.e. treat HTTP like the stateless protocol that it is.
> I hope we don't hack amaya to deal with broken HTTP servers and HTML
> pages to the point that it forgets how to deal with servers
> and pages that are not broken ;-)

Received on Thursday, 23 March 2000 03:57:55 UTC