Bugs: Keyboard Configuration under Windows

I still can't get keyboard files to work under windows -- just tried with
2.4 Sometimes I think it's a syntax error on my part or I think it's a
parser error -- the actual function names appear next to menu items as the
keybaord shortcut. Also, the errors are invariant and non-deterministic...

For instance, I can't get the file below to work [1] properly. It frequently
exhibits it most weird behaviour around the following:

Ctrl <Key>6:    ShowStructure()
Ctrl <Key>7:    ShowAlternate()

Which makes me think the parser is picking up the "Alt" in "ShowAlternate"? 


#moving commands
<Key>Home:	TtcPageTop()
<Key>End:	TtcPageEnd()
<Key>Up:	TtcPreviousLine()
<Key>End:	TtcPageEnd()
<Key>Escape:	TtcParentElement()
Ctrl <Key>Down:	TtcNextElement()
Ctrl <Key>Up:	TtcPreviousElement()
Ctrl <Key>Left:	TtcParentElement()
Ctrl <Key>Right: TtcChildElement()
Ctrl <Key>a:	TtcStartOfLine()
Ctrl <Key>e:    TtcEndOfLine()

#file menu
Ctrl <Key>o:    OpenDocInNewWindow()
Ctrl <Key>r:    Reload()
Alt <Key>Left:  GotoPreviousHTML()
Alt <Key>Right: GotoNextHTML()
Ctrl <key>h:    GoToHome()
Ctrl <Key>s:    SaveDocument()
Ctrl <Key>y:	Synchronize()
Ctrl <Key>p:    SetupAndPrint()
Ctrl <Key>n:    New()
Ctrl <Key>w:	CloseDocument()

#action menu
Alt <Key>Return: DoAction()

#edit menu
Ctrl <Key>z:    TtcUndo()
Ctrl <Key>x:    TtcCutSelection()
Ctrl <Key>c:    TtcCopySelection()
Ctrl <Key>v:    TtcPaste()
Ctrl <Key>f:    TtcSearchText()
<Key>Delete:    TtcDeleteSelection()
Ctrl <Key>d:    TtcDeleteSelection()
<Key>Return:    TtcCreateElement()
<Key>F7:        SpellCheck() 

#structure menu

#types menu
Ctrl <Key>i:    CreateImage() 
Ctrl <key>i:    CreateBlockQuote() 

#heading submenu
Ctrl <Key>1:	CreateHeading1()
Ctrl <Key>2:	CreateHeading2()
Ctrl <Key>3:	CreateHeading3()
Ctrl <Key>4:	CreateHeading4()
Ctrl <Key>5:	CreateHeading5()

#links menu
Ctrl <Key>a:    CreateTarget()
Ctrl <Key>k:    CreateOrChangeLink()

#views menu
Ctrl <Key>=:	ZoomIn()
Ctrl <Key>-:	ZoomOut()
Ctrl <Key>6:    ShowStructure()
Ctrl <Key>7:    ShowAlternate()
Ctrl <key>8:	ShowSource()

Ctrl <Key>b:    CreateElemStrong()
Ctrl <Key>i:    CreateElemEmphasis()
Ctrl <Key>t:    CreateElemCode()
Ctrl <Key>q:    CreateBlockQuote()

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