Amaya 2.5 Solaris5.5.1 Sparc

I obtained the binary of 2.5 for Solaris2, unpacked the tgz, moved
the whole directory to /usr/local/Amaya, put links in for 
/usr/local/bin/amaya -> /usr/local/Amaya/solaris2/bin/amaya
/usr/local/bin/print -> /usr/local/Amaya/solaris2/bin/print
but when I invoked /usr/local/bin/amaya it did nothing for a full 15
minutes.  I had earlier versions working OK on this 

Release: 5.5.1
Kernel architecture: sun4m
Application architecture: sparc
Hardware provider: Sun_Microsystems

so my .files and environment should be reasonable.
Is this version more memory hungry?
Have I failed to install it correctly?

Received on Thursday, 9 March 2000 12:00:59 UTC