Re: Saving new files on 2.4 (XHTML v. HTML)

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> Noticed that new files created with Amaya 2.4 (Win 95) automatically save
> in the xhtml format sted html as was the case previously.  This can be
> corrected by choosing the "save as" function from the file menu.  Wondered
> if this was intentional?

> Would like to see next version prompt for a filename and (x)html/text
> choice prior to initial save of new files.

That encourages users to generate xhtml document now.
Obviously we can propose the choice.

> On another note, concerning the Ctrl+Return use for <br>.  This feature was
> previously in the 2.2 version.  Trust next release will fix the bug.

This is a bug, but Alt-Ctrl-Return works.


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