Win95 Editor and Titles

Morning All,

I am working with Amaya V2.4 17 Dec 1999 (the binary install (I can't get
the CVS version to build), and just ran across a slight problem - When I
enter a string into the Title text box of the editor, it does not find its
way into the HTML document.

Also, as a side topic - I cannot run the script on Win95.
It complains:
can't open "/": No such file or directory at Config/
line 23.

I saw something about this in one of the archives, but I couldn't find it
again this morning, and I have yet to learn perl. :(  If anyone has a quick
solution they could pass my way, I would appreciate it...

Thanks in advance...

Gary L. Klesczewski

Received on Friday, 14 January 2000 11:03:55 UTC