Re: CVS daily snapshots?

On 13-Mar-00 Daniel Veillard wrote:

>   Ok generating such a tar is a no-brainer, but there is no guarantee
> associated. Remember too that you will need Motif (or a decent motif clone
> I don't know how far lesstif is usable with Amaya) to compile it on Unices.

As of 2.3 (the last one I've personally built), Amaya is usable/buildable with
lesstif.  I haven't noticed any severe problems with the combination.

Isn't there also a porting effort for Amaya to use GTK?

> Source only, sorry but a compiled version would be far to hard
> to automate.

Source is fine.  I don't think there's ever been an "official" build of Amaya
on Linux/Alpha anyhow. ;)

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